Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day The Fifth

Quick one today.. really, these are also so I have a record.

Glaciers, glaciers, and more glaciers. Then a lagoon full of icbergs, seals, gulls, and terns. I didn´t know that particular shade of blue actually existed in nature.

Then the fjords. Well, some of them. Driving along a windy coastal road that was paved occasionally was... lengthy... and beautiful. We opted to take the long way around once it was decided that maybe our little car would have a hard time with an unpaved 17-degree slope on a narrow road up and over a mountain. As it got dark, we discovered the main road eventually did something very similar, but at a slightly better angle. It was a bit harrowing to drive a pothole-filled mountain roadway with hairpin turns in the dark. We made it eventually though.

Don´t worry, there will be a full report up on my return.

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Kat said...

that road sounds like a challenge...can't wait to see the multitude of photos when you get back! Enjoy