Tuesday, August 21, 2007

End of Days

I'm home. It wasn't without some drama.

Cape Breton was more or less a bust. Too long a drive both ways, and after Iceland, it was anticlimactic. That said, we did find Casino Nova Scotia where I left up $10. It's about the size of a closet and is full of slots, a few table games (which weren't open), and a 4-table poker room (which wasn't open). Got to Louisburg and it closed in 15 min.. so that didn't amount to much.

Today however... well, let's say it was unique. Sat in the airport from 10am until 7pm, got bumped from 8 or 9 flights before switching our destination and going through Ottawa. Of course, this was almost ruined by some dork from the south... George W. Bush or something like that.

I'll get to that in the full trip report :).

And yes, the pictures will eventually be up... but first I need to drop it to a more reasonable number from the current 2200 or so.

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