Friday, August 10, 2007

Oops... and cupcakes!

If it happens twice, it's tradition.

The new tradition seems to be that during the summer, work pays for a big ol' gathering of a bunch of people at the very nice rooftop patio at Ultra here in the T-dot. That was last night. Free drinks, free hors d'oeuvres, and lots of mingling and conversation. Definitely a welcome respite.

After the outing, I walked the 5 minutes home (another reason I like this tradition), and soon after got a call from one of my best friends, who happens to live in a mining town about 3km from buttfuck nowhere. It was good to chat with her for an hour or so before we both went off on our respective vacations (she's going camping for a week, I'm going to Iceland... we're both jealous of each other).

And then I decided to fire up an $11 turbo to play. I didn't realize until we were heads-up that it was a peep. Oops. See, I didn't actually want a token, I wanted cash. I had knocked out 6 of the 7 shmoes who sat down with me (flopping quad sevens on my second hand helped get that ball rolling), and had about a 2k chip lead on my opponent, who had quietly sat back and let me do the heavy lifting. Blinds were at 40/80, so there was no rush. I found 66 in front of me, and raised. He pushed, I thought... and called. He flips over A9o and rivers the 9.

Between the drinks and late hour, I didn't realize I was playing for a level TWO token, so I decided I wanted 2nd place money, but wasn't going to completely donk to it. If I'd noticed 1st was a $75 token instead of a $26, I'd have probably played a bit differently. So between registering for the wrong SnG, and then not realizing what I was playing for, I shortchanged myself. Oops. Reasons why I should only play while sober and awake.


Sweet ghost of Charles Elmer Hires these look gooooooood. A friend is house/catsitting for me while I'm gone, and will be making some. I'm jealous like you wouldn't believe.


Chances are I'm done with poker until I return from my trip. Good luck to everyone at the felt. I expect to read about thousands upon thousands of dollars of cashes when I return. Perhaps even an FTOPS champ?


Schaubs said...

Have a great trip!

Take lots of pics, I;m not even sure what to expect.

lj said...

lol. i noticed you in the token sng, and sort of wondered...

have an awesome time in iceland, it's so gorgeous and fun!

Irongirl01 said...

Have a great trip Astin.

Dang those Cupcakes look good. Im a cupcake lover especially with scrumpdilicious ganache or buttercream. (there are blogs devoted just to cupcakes btw)