Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Didn't Cash in the 32k!

Congrats to LJ for pulling in a big score in the 32k yesterday! I can only hope that when I get back and have a week to sit around on my ass at home that I can do something similar. :)

I, however, did not cash in the 32k, or the 28k, or 24k, or 50-50. Of course, this is partially due to me not playing in any of them. Instead I met up with my buddy from high school days who now lives in Montreal. It was good times with him and his girlfriend. We always have some laughs when we meet up.

Then I came home, far too sober, and fired up an $11 Turbo SnG before I called it a night. And went out on my 2nd or 3rd hand when I found cowboys on the button. MP raises to 60, there's a caller, and then I re-raise to 150, figuring that will keep at least one person in and but not let anyone else come along. BB thinks and calls, initial raiser re-re-raises to 360, caller folds, and I re-re-re-raise all-in because I want this done. If he has aces, so be it. BB folds, and MP calls... and flips over ATh. Dammit, that's got disaster written all over it. T on the flop, A on the turn, and no K on the river. IGH after about 2 minutes.

So I fire up another. QTo that I get in for cheap with in LP . Yah, it's a crappy hand, but I'm a weeeee bit tilty. Q on the flop and there's a bet, call, I call. Turn could fill in some douche if they had A4 for a straight, but that's it. Weak beat, call, I PUSH... into a set and that A4. Whoops.

So I didn't play anymore and did 3 days worth of photos from my trip to Israel in February instead. Those might actually get up some time! Especially since I now have a photo-stitching program that works quite well. Saves me a load of time.

I highly doubt I'll get to the Riverchasers tonight. Free drinks after work, and a bunch of pre-trip stuff I really should get started on. After that though? I'll probably push with kings again.

So, what do you think of the changes?


Schaubs said...

new look is good. thanks for putting tetris on there, i got to level two and scored 1900... is that good?

another time waster.


Dillo said...

I like mate. Hope your trips a ripper!