Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home Stretch, eh?

I'm back in Canada, in a hotel outside of Halifax in fact. Today didn't qualify as the most exciting. We rolled out of the hotel around noon, took the long-way around to Reykjavik but didn't make it to the waterfall we were aiming for (once again, a horrible road played a part, as did the prospect of a long and possibly arduous hike at the end), and eventually just took in the view from The Pearl and learned about the history of Iceland. Turns out nothing much has happened in the last 300 years. At least, that's when the exhibit ends. How lazy was today? Only 77 pictures taken. I have no idea how I took that many even.

I did add to my already ridiculous liquor collection by picking up some Icelandic Schnapps called... Brennivin, or Black Death. Gotta love Duty Free shopping.

Tomorrow's plan is to drive up to Cape Breton and hang out there for a few hours before driving back here. Then it's on a plane the next morning and with luck I'll be back at my own place before dinner. Looking at a lot of time in the car tomorrow... maybe I should bring a book.

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lightning36 said...

Have you thought about posting an online slide show of your trip?