Monday, August 06, 2007

Make One Good Call...

Played in the 50-50 tonight. As is rapidly becoming tradition, Chad ended up at my table for a while, this time on my right.

I'll confirm he got some absolutely horrific beats laid on him. Thing is, he's still alive with 2 tables left (and now out 15th). Me?

So, a better pay than I got with 4th in the Mookie, and it covered all my buy-ins and attempts at buy-ins last night plus a bit of profit. Which is good, since the Big Game didn't go so well for me. I started both of the tournaments 30 min late as well, which was less than advantageous.

I guess I should explain the title. My last hand of the 50-50:

Dealt 33 in the BB. MP raises as usual, and I call. Flop comes 664, I bet 20k into the 29k pot, leaving me with about 19k. Raiser thinks, and I know I've got him. He pushes, I call, and he flips over AQ. Any guesses what hits?

Nope. 4 on the turn, counterfeiting my 2 pair, K on the river helps nobody. I'm done in 20th. About 5 hours of play, $211 profit. I guess $42 an hour isn't a bad rate.

But here's what you really want to know.

348 hands

AA - 5 times
KK - 3 times
QQ - 4 times
JJ - 1 time

10 other pocket pairs (everything but 88; 33 and 66 twice)

AK - 9 times

AQ - 1 time

AJ - 5 times
KQ - 5 times
KJ - 6 times
QJ - 4 times

So once again, 18% of all the hands were a pocket pair, AK, A-face, or paint. I hope everyone cleaned out their buckets from last time. The sad part? I got almost nothing for the aces. The first one got me a built pot (I raised the limpers, and most called), the second got me an all-in, and after that? Nothing but blinds. I guess I should mix up my play a bit more with them.

Long weekend in some parts of Canada. I love the extra day off. 4 day week, and then 2 weeks off, including 1 week in Iceland. I need a vacation.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

So sick.... errrr, I mean great job! :)

bayne_s said...

So sick.

I have to work so hard to nail flops with garbage starting hands.

It's still about getting paid not about getting great hands grasshopper.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

So sick is right.

I have to work hard to bluff with the hammer and no hit on the board whatsoever.

Nice run in the 5050 man.