Wednesday, August 01, 2007

An Interesting Day

The time: About 2:00pm. The place: My work (2nd floor).

I stand up at my desk and catch that there's an ambulance outside. This isn't entirely unusual, but it warrants a look. Odd, there's also 4 cop cars. And the sidewalk is taped off. That is unusual. Oh, there goes one of the cars with lights flashing. Police are taking statements. Wonder what happened. Rumour is someone tried to rob the bank. That's brilliant, rob the head branch of the largest bank in the country in the downtown of the largest city. Yup.

Obviously unsuccessful.

The police seemed to be taking a while to get statements. Well, there'd be a lot of people. Back to work. Look again... new EMS vehicle? And what's that? Oh, THAT would be the the BOMB SQUAD.

Out come the robots. Around 3:10 we're told that they're clearing our floor. No? Really? About time. So we all walk outside, and find the nearest patio to have a few drinks and watch the goings-on. Firetrucks, Hazardous Materials team, okay then. About 4:15 they started letting people back in.

So, some guy comes in, claims he has a bomb, and asks for some ridiculous sum of money. Negotiates for it in fact, and the cops show up and grab him. There was no bomb.

The beer was good. Glad it was a slow day.


Forgot about The Mookie tonight, whoops. In other news, dumb fuckers in the 50-50 who call pot-sized bets all the way down with A4o on an A5532 (three heart board, I had a 5) can kiss my ass.

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