Friday, August 03, 2007

How to Cash in the BBT

It's simple, get these hands. Oh, this will be long. And you might want a bucket near you to puke in. You've been warned.

This was my FIRST Hand. Keep an eye on the numbers in the corner.
1st AK


Straights are fun

Lookit you hovering over my 7s

Nobody wants to tangle with fours

Two hand earlier I asked where my Aces were. Now seriously, this is crazy, even for me. Look at these 3 CONSECUTIVE hands.
My old friends

Followed by good ol' AK

Cowboys? Sweet

Recess had just won dirty against someone else. Whoops.
Unmeltable Snowmen

Yes, I raised with J8.  You wanna fight about it?

This is where the first third level of blinds ended. So that's what? 30 minutes? IronGirl was also the first of 8 people I knocked out.

Early leads never last

And then Lightning
Counting? 3rd AK

And IslandBum
The stuff of nightmares.

1st break is here.

Still in 1st

And Al
Don't mess with 33.

2 hands later I got JJ. 2 hands after that I knocked out NightRanger/StB and his pocket kings when my ducks flopped a set. Then I got moved, so I missed those screen shots from the last hand window.

And DDionysus
I'm told QJ is GOLD

Now THIS is a lead.
Everyone looks like ants from up here!

Zeem didn't make it, but played his short-stack masterfully. This is the first of a few he managed. This also starts a succession of AJ and AQ. Look at the numbers in the corner.
Zeem is scary good.


AJ - look at the hand number

Oh, and a 99 in there.

I hurt Garth here... badly.
AK no goot?

Still going with the AJ and AQ sequence.
AJ again.

Last AQ for awhile

New table, same cards. And LJ.
Oh, it's been brung.

Haven't seen these in a while.

Daddy missed you.

And we're at the 2nd break. That would be 2 hours in. AA twice, KK twice, and TONS of Ace-Face.
Still 1st? Wow.

And it continues in hour 3.
Hey babies.

I'm a cowboy baby.

And Blinders.
It's funny how I'm knocking people out with questionable hands.

Final table fun.
4 is the number you're looking for.

Yes, I said 4.


And the hand that did me in. I was in 4th, blinds were big and coming around quickly of course, so I pushed over the top and NumbBono called. I counted. 17 aces in the deck. I got most of them earlier.
Next time I'm entering a horse in my race.

Am I really going to complain?
4th is the new 1st.

Here's the final tally:

306 Hands

24 pocket pairs
AA 4 times
KK 3 times
JJ 2 times
TT-22 at least once each (66 & 55 twice, 44 & 33 3x in case you were wondering)

Everything but QQ

AK 4 times
AQ 7 times
AJ (which is GOLD!) 9 times

KQ 4 times
KJ 2 times
QJ 6 times

So out of 306 hands, 56 (18%) were pairs, Ace-face, or faces. I didn't bother counting any medium suited connectors, but those were there too of course.

Are you sick? I thought so.

So, what's my excuse for not winning? I don't have one. I got cards and boards from start to finish in what might be the sickest run ever seen in these blogger events, if not most 56-runner tournaments. I guess it's appropriate for the scene.

I don't blame the 66, I can't. I could have folded, but then I'd either be waiting for better cards or cold stealing. In the end, it was my play before the sixes that hurt me. I didn't maximize value from my Aces at the final table, and while I did steal occasionally, I didn't resteal, and got restolen from far too often. I picked a few spots poorly with cards I wasn't willing to go to war with. But we learn from our mistakes. Next time, I'll be better.

Congrats go to NumbBono for taking it down heads-up against Jordan, who fought back from a REALLY short stack to a hell of a heads-up battle. Way to go both of you guys. Also Congrats to SelltheKids for 3rd, and everyone else who cashed. Yes, even Waffles. It was a hell of a final table.

Thanks to Al, Hoy and Mookie (the only of the 3 to cash!) for all the work in putting the whole BBT together. You guys rock so hard there should be a law.

P.S. - I starting playing with Alt text today with the images. Anybody notice? Go ahead, hover over a screenshot.


Mike Maloney said...

So, so gross.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I shoulda jammed the turn when I had the AJ. An unsprung trap is just free bait.

Julius_Goat said...

I blame science.

Garthmeister J. said...

On a similar note, it took me 90 hands to even get a single pair!


Irongirl01 said...

If you werent so good looking Id hate you.... you cardracking luckbox..

XOXOXOXOXO even though you KO'd me

PS. I told Iakaris the same thing in Vegas. Im fickle like that :)

Blinders said...

Keep the illusion going. I am tight, and you get AA every other hand. As long as people think this is truth, we will continue to take their money. Nice job last night being a card rack.

Schaubs said...

I had QQ 3 times, AK twice, KK once, JJ once... and that is about it.

You da man.

bayne_s said...

Give me back my horseshoe!

lightning36 said...

Geez Astin, it's bad enough with your being a freaking card rack, but did you have to get pocket rockets when I got cowboys? I raised and you re-raised, and I immediately remembered the Hoy rant about what a card rack you are. I knew you had aces, but called anyway in hopes that a King would flop and I'd double up. Ha -- am I a dreamer or what? I should have layed down my A-J later, but by that time I was on a sort of tired-tilt. Gotta stock sum Red Bull or sumfin...

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I've read this post three times already today man. What I'm trying to figure out is, if you logged in to your account on mypc, and I logged in to my account on your pc, would the luck follow you or follow me? Better yet, if you logged in under my account and I under yours, where would the luck go then?

Astin said...

JG - It can't be science, because science sucks.

IG - I'm feeling the love :)

Blinders - Shhhh

Bayne - You lost it, it's mine now.

Lightning - I was running on tea. Problem being that it goes through you as fast as beer.

Hoy - I forgot to mention the 3+ hammers I had as well. All went unplayed though. We'll have to set up a home and account swap at some point to find out the answers. I get to play as many games as I want with your money, right? I mean, you need a proper sample size. At least, that's what science tells me.

lj said...

sigh. i had 74 approximately 14 times (6/12 hands at one point - one was soooooted), and J2 about 10. i got one pair, once, QQ. not surprisngly, someone at my table had AA that very same hand. why me? why you?

Dillo said...

I honestly can't wait to be on the receiving end of your freeeking card sickness sometime down the track!