Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I'm still pissed off with myself after a dumbass move in the 50-50 last night.

Much like the previous evening, I was cruising along quite nicely. If I'd kept my head straight, I'd have coasted into the money if I chose. Instead, I stopped thinking and gave my chips away in one fell swoop.

A little over 200 people left, and I have A9h. I limp from EP and get raised for another 2k, which isn't a significant portion of my stack but a significant enough raise blinds-wise to let go. The problem was that this donk had shown a proclivity to raise and call with cards like K9o, so I didn't put him on much.

Long story short, AQxx two club, no heart board and I re-pop a weak turn bet by him for all my chips (an absolutely POINTLESS move since I had a great stack in the top 40 and he had me covered by a couple grand) and he flipped over AKc. No river 9 and I'm done just like that. I had convinced myself he had junk (K-high in fact) and I was going to bust him, even though the little voice was trying to tell me to run. No need to tell me what I did wrong, because that hand is full of steps of idiocy. I just needed to get it off my chest.

I went out of 32k last night when I overpushed a side-pot raise with AK (A on the board) into a turned inside straight because I slowplayed the flop. Sigh. I did something equally stupid the previous night in the 32k I believe.

But I satellited into the 50-50 from a $14 SnG, and won a $10 turbo before that, so the night showed a tiny little profit regardless. I just hate when I make totally boneheaded moves.

Oh yah... I started playing some of the larger-field MTTs again this week. I don't know why I stopped, since I love these things. Other than one-hand lapses in judgement costing me hours of effort, I really like where my game has been the past couple nights.

I'm hitting the club with Kat and her messed up ankle tonight, and I'm feeling good. I highly doubt I'll make The Mookie tonight, but you never know.

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