Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wrong Wardrobe

I've been accused of writing about clothes in the past. I don't think I ever have. Probably because I suck when it comes to clothes, I owe any semblance of fashion-sense to my best friend/style consultant.

Case-in-point: Last night I was out for sushi, behind my friend was a table of two girls. To my left was a table with a guy and a girl. All were probably in their early 20's. The two girls finished their meal, got up, and left. Then they came back and approached the other table. One girl asked, "Excuse me, are you two a couple?" The response was a no. "Oh, (to the guy) then would you like to go out later tonight?"

"I have to work really early in the morning, sorry."

"Oh, okay, well, maybe see you around later then."

The guy was wearing a white wife-beater and trucker cap, skinny, the facial hair of a 12 year-old trying to grow his first moustache, and would blend into any crowd of skinny white guys.

I think I'll stay out-of-touch fashionwise if that's considered attractive.


Shrike said...

Opportunity knocks. Astin: EPIC FAIL.

You know Don wouldn't let that go by ...

Bayne_S said...

She probably thought you were gay.

Poker Brian said...

Girls only like guys who look like they will be rich and famous someday.


Astin said...

Perhaps I should have mentioned that they weren't exactly hotties (although they pretended like they were). Even the wife-beater wasn't interested. It's not a question of feeling shunned, I'm just dumbfounded that THAT look garners attention.