Monday, July 14, 2008

Strange Night

Superturboed into the $750k... and went out before the 2nd break. I played like shit.

It's okay though, I maintained that day's level of productivity by getting some other chores out of the way and catching up on some TV.

But I couldn't sleep. I was in bed around 1am, and lay there for what seemed like an eternity (likely 20 minutes), fell asleep, slept poorly, woke up at 5-something after a horrible dream, worrying about my family until I was awake enough to remember that nobody had died recently and I had spoken to them hours earlier. I almost got out of bed then to start my day hours ahead of schedule, but instead fell asleep until my alarms went off.

I've been strangely awake all day though... but still Aeropressed some fresh coffee (Indian Monsoon, roasted this morning) at work to keep me going. Green tea now to calm the caffeine buzz. Hmm.. good thing I don't do uppers and downers.

Speaking of which - finally watched Dewey Cox on the weekend - it was waaaay funnier than I expected. I mean, I'd been looking forward to it, but didn't expect to bust a gut during it. The start, the Beatles scenes, and just about anything with Tim Meadows was hilarious. Kick-ass soundtrack too. I expected terrible songs, but instead they were actually decent yet still funny. A pretty spot-on musical bio parody.

Also watched Before the Devil Knows Your Dead... and was disappointed. Well-acted, but a bit contrived. The problem with a caper like this is that it relies too much on clich├ęs. The successful character who's broke because of his drug habit. The dumber brother who means well but is broke because of child support and private school bills in New York. Troubled family relationships, affairs, and plans gone wrong. The jumping-back-in-time-to-tell-the-story-from-different-points-of-view aspect was a bit tiresome too, but that could be because I watched Vantage Point a month ago. It all felt familiar. Marisa Tomei was plenty hot though. Oh, and it referenced Blame it on Rio, so there's that.

Side note - if putting your kid through school in New York is too expensive, and you have a job that doesn't pay the bills but is easily transferable to cheaper locales... MOVE.

Will be seeing The Dark Knight at a midnight screening this week... I can't wait.

Congrats to Iggy for his cash in the WSOP ME. $30k might not be HUGE money, but it ain't nothing either.

MATH is tonight as always. Double shootout format continues, which I'm totally not against. I still think 3k to start is too much for 6-handed DS though. I may be there... it depends on how awake I am.

I'm definitely looking forward to Sunday. Heading to Niagara to roll some dice in the afternoon. Been too long since I've played craps for any significant length of time (I think CK and I put in 30 minutes in Vegas). I highly doubt there'll be any poker though.

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