Monday, July 21, 2008

More Dark Knight

Something I didn't mention in my previous post, that again won't spoil much, if anything.

Jim Gordon's family is shown. His wife Barbara, son James, and daughter. His wife and son have lines and are shown on-screen. His daughter isn't named, and we only see the top of her head.

Just about everyone who's ever paid attention to Batman knows that Batgirl is Gordon's daughter Barbara. The fact that a potentially major future character is kept hidden was a nice touch in my opinion. We don't see a face, hear a voice, get an idea of age, or anything else that might mess up continuity if they decide to bring in Batgirl in a future installment.

Heck, with the ending of The Dark Knight playing the way it did, seeing Batgirl in the 3rd film could be useful... if the daughter is old enough.

And please don't go with Alicia Silverstone as your basis for "Batgirl sucks!" Because you'd be right if that was your only data point.


lj said...

i was not aware of this aspect of batman, but also thought it was a cool touch once it was explained to me that his daughter becomes batgirl.

SirFWALGMan said...

Screw that Alicia is so lovely. She is best in crazy chick that moves in as the Au Pair and fucks everyone movies though.

Astin said...

She may be lovely, but she sucked as batgirl.