Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mookie - 1 Hand

So I bubbled Los Mookie last night. Damn.

KQd, re-raise all-in vs MaggieO's 77.

Flop comes TdAdx. Inside straight draw, nut flush draw, and two overs. 17 outs twice (63.54%) don't hit and I'm done. Ah well. I blame Waffles.

I mean, it was Waffles who kept folding to IslandBum's tiny all-ins. And it was Waffles who kept isolating other people, forcing me to fold my absolutely crappy hands that would have rivered the nuts.

Yup, if not for Waffles, I'd have had at least 4x the chips and IB would have been out twice.

I think in retribution, I will leave an Eggo in the toaster until it is burnt.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Waffles is the Anti-Crust!

Next week, lets gang up on him and beat him out back!

Seriously we need more interesting food stories... that involve maybe an intersting breakfast combo. Maybe eggs, waffles and capers combo. Dammit he's everywhere. Waffles is EVIL!

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