Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something I Won't Get Around To

I was browsing through Webtender and realized how horribly set up it is. Pure middle-era web programming that hasn't changed much.

Which of course got me thinking that I can do a better job. After all, it's not THAT hard to set up a database of drink recipes with queries for the ingredients. What needs to be done is cross-referencing of ingredients, so generic terms, brand names, and specific types are connected. ie.- Smirnoff=Vodka, Canadian Whiskey=Canadian Club=Rye, etc.. A better method of selecting from "what's in my bar" is also required. Holding CTRL to select multiple ingredients is ridiculous.

At the very least, I should set up my own personal database of my booze and mix collection (it's vast) for my own perusal.

Which then got me thinking I should do the same for my herbs and spices. Which now leads to other dried goods. Then non-perishable and long-lasting goods. Then all ingredients in my house for everything.

And once that's done, I'll obviously need to set up a tablet PC in my kitchen (or subnotebook or something) with these databases on them, with a variety of queries.

So I can simply enter "quick meal, chicken" and get a list of possible recipes. Or "random drink". This of course would necessitate web access so I can check from work what I need to pick up for a recipe. Once that's set up, it becomes trivial to set up a web page and go public with it all and build a user-generated recipe database and personalized ingredient collections.

Yah, you're so going to steal my idea. It's not like I'll ever get around to it.

Which means I'll spend this weekend itemizing my bar and spices... and DVDs while I'm at it. Or not.

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RaisingCayne said...

Not even afraid to post details into a unique entrepreneurial idea!? Brave. Although, I sincerely doubt any one will ever get around to undertaking such an endeavor. (At least I know I won't... I can't even organize my cereal boxes or delivery menus.)