Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Maybe I Should Charge $0.15 to Read

Not that it'll do anything, but this whole incoming text message thing is fucking retarded. So here's a petition from the NDP. At least they're loud.

Stop the text message cash-grab

I do believe I'll bitch at my friend who works for Mobility, even though he has nothing to do with this whole fiasco. He just sets up the antennae.

Go congratulate Don on his 300th post. To say it's a touch sarcastic would be understating things.

For those that love our little dramas, check out Perticelli's latest. The comments are where the real gold is.

I do believe I avoided playing any poker last night.... and it feels goooood.

Okie-Vegas is kicking off today. I hope everyone who's going has an absolute blast and gets back home in one piece... two at the most. I really wanted to go, but opted to stay home instead. Too much travelling of late, and undoubtedly more to come.

As for this Google situation. I'm unaffected, seeing as I don't have any ads to add nofollow tags to. I can't say I've looked over Google's terms and conditions, but let's assume the nofollow thing was there for a while and everyone just got caught in their latest sweep. The advertisers were well aware of this and should be the ones blamed - not Google. They weren't using you for your traffic, they were using you to improve their pagerank, and deliberately left out the nofollow tags from their ads to achieve that end. Google's done this countless times, and this time you're the ones that got caught. Perhaps Pastor Niemöller would have something to say about it. There are avenues to rectify this situation, but it requires you adding the nofollow tags if your pagerank is that important.

Of course, if Google just added that term of service, feel free to keep it directed at them.

Mookie tonight as always. See you there?

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