Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Donna Ex Machina

I was going to write up the Doctor Who season finale, but naw... still, spoilers. Highlight to read.

Very good episode, got a bit cheesy at the end, then predictable. Sad what happens to Donna, but at least she got be to the god from the machine for this finale. I'm glad Davies is finishing his run with the show. He's made some entertaining stuff, but he can't write himself out of the impossible-to-escape plots without a good DEM coming into play. At least this one seemed planned.

It was admittedly fun seeing everyone together - Sarah Jane, Rose, Jackie, Mickey, Jack, Martha, Donna, K9, etc.. Good score choices as well, very moving. Lots of possible pathways opened as well for future stories, and it looks like Torchwood continues with some familiar faces


Check out this alternate Dark Knight script. Yah, it's obviously not real, but damned if I didn't laugh a few times.


MATH - Shootout is good, but 3k starting chips is bad for round 1. I got bored and donked out with 2nd pair vs bottom set.


The description they give before the pictures is pretty much bang on. What $10 Mil will get you in a Toronto suburb. I personally love the Ferrari in the foyer... if I was 12.

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