Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go Iggy!

Yah, everyone knows Iggy's made day 3 in the Main Event.

Interestingly, Pokernews says 1,307 left, but only list 1,302 in the chipcount... they're also short 402,666 chips in their total count, which means the 5 missing players have an average of 80,000 chips. Anyway, I'm sure they just missed a player or 5... easy to do when dealing with over 1300.

Iggy's got 86,700 Chips.
Average stack for 1,307 players - 104,728
Blinds starting at 800/1600/200

So his M is 20.64. Q is around 0.83. Of course, that's against the remaining field, which is less important than his table at this point. Regardless, he's in decent shape if the distribution of chips isn't skewed to his table. At the very least, he should be able to keep up with the blinds at that level, and we know he can increase that stack easily enough, especially if his power of getting chips dumped his way come into effect.

He's in a 3-way tie for 655th place at the moment, with 666 paying out, and 641 needed to drop before they hit the payout. Over $21k for the last payout spot, which isn't too shabby.

248 players with an M < 10, 432 with M < 15, and 612 with M < 20 (all numbers include the lower amounts)... so most of those 641 could be gone within a few hours. Of course, as the bubble approaches, play will slow to a crawl, but with more than 650 players, it can't go THAT slowly, can it?

We may see it burst before the day is done.

Enough numbers - Good Luck Ignatious, we're all pulling for ya.

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