Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Of Those Nights

Now we sit through Shakespeare in order to recognize the quotations.
- Orson Welles

That one's for Falstaff, and has no bearing on the post.

Got home, boiled some white corn on the cob, threw together a fruit compote and then snacked on bits and pieces of whatever I had kicking around. Did laundry, changed cat's litter, and sat down in time for the Skill Series, because it was PLO, and I loves me some PLO.

I may do up something Asian-like tonight.

PirateLawyer told me to have fun and that he wanted to repeat. I knew right then he was in trouble. Seated a few seats to my left, I had nothing but fun driving him nuts as he critiqued my starting hand selection in IM. That alone was worth the price of admission :).

Went out 10th when my flopped sevens full of kings went down to Jec's rivered Kings full of Aces. Ah well, 'tis Omaha for you, and I got in ahead, although barely by more than a coin flip.

The Mookie tonight! I plan to have more fun, although I'd like to move up the leaderboard a bit, especially after bubbling last week. If nothing else, I hope I'm seated with Waffles so I can watch the fun as he tries to dethrone LJ.


lightning36 said...

I'm thinking that maybe one or more of us should put a bounty on Sir Waffles ...

Shrike said...

Always fun to play with you Astin. Even if you luckbox your way to some chips despite not knowing how to play PLO. ;)