Friday, May 08, 2009


And that was the sound from my bed this morning. I awoke a minute before my alarm went off, with that dreaded feeling that I had overslept. I was relieved when my brain caught up to my eyes and realized that I was, in fact, up way early. Thoughts of a leisurely morning travelled through my head.

Then I moved.

It would seem it was the first time I had moved all night.

The worst leg cramp I've had in months shot through my calf and I grabbed at it, yelling in pain. Son of a bitch, it hurt. Fearing I may have to grab the home amputation kit (butcher cord, mini hacksaw, and whiskey), I tried to stretch it out, massage it, anything to get the pain down. Eventually it subsided, but there was no way I was moving for a while. 45 minutes later I attempted to get out of bed, and hobbled through the morning routine. It wasn't until the hot shower that it relaxed enough to make bipedal ambulation (instead of dragging a bum leg behind a good one) possible.

Here's hoping that's the trough for my day.


Everyone has personal blind spots. No matter how objective we try to be, there are things about ourselves we just can't see. I get particularly annoyed, however, when people attribute their issues to other people (especially ALL other people), when the core reasons for their problems are obvious to everyone else. Even worse is when they then complain about everyone else having a problem with an aspect about themselves, but at the same time can't take the same criticism from others, especially when it's well-deserved and honest. Hypocrisy really grinds my gears, and when it's combined with willful ignorance, I give up and watch them spiral to their doom.

There, I feel better now. Time for some tea.


Otis said...

In the event you can't find your home amputation kit, don't count out just drinking the whiskey until you fall unconscious. Four out of five doctors agree that cramps release a lot quicker when you're in Happy Land.

Riggstad said...

Do shots of salt water for the cramps. Or just man up and eat a few packets of salt.

Shovel for the hyprocites. NO! I am not suggesting the shovel to dig a hole and bury them.

Just a good ol' fashioned shovel beating :)

BamBam said...

Had one so bad once while camping up at Arrowhead, not one or two but THREE park wardens had weapons drawn, to kill the Bear they were sure was mauling me.


Good times.