Wednesday, May 06, 2009


It's Wednesday. At the moment, I have minimal plans this evening. That means - Mookie! 10pm ET, Full Tilt, Private Tournaments tab, $10+1, password: vegas1 .... BITCHES!

BBT4 is starting to wind down, numbers are up a bit, and I'm starting to get worried about my seat. I've played like ass this time around, without much in the way of cashes to show or points. I find this most annoying.

Had a chat with new New Joisey resident LJ last week, and she nailed it by saying my heart's just not in it. Poker has definitely fallen down the ladder of things I'd rather be doing these days. I like feeling like I've accomplished something at the end of the day, and with my recent run, all it feels like I've accomplished is taking a series of $20's and running them through a shredder. Hell, I'm further ahead in slots lifetime than I am in poker. I still play something almost daily, but I inevitably say "fuck it" halfway through.

That won't be the case tonight.


Jays won yesterday, 10-6 or something, splitting their 2-game series with the Indians. Then they jumped on a plane and flew to LA. I expect a groggy team tonight, even if yesterday was a noon start. But it's Halladay on the mound, so I also expect a close game.

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