Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mookie tonight! Full Tilt, 10pm ET (9pm CT, 8pm MT, 7pm PT), pw: vegas1. 7 shots at BBT4 TOC seat left! Chances of me making the Brit game on Sunday are below slim, so only 6 shots for yours truly.

Skillz went horribly last night... largely because I had a huge case of "meh" going on and didn't give a rat's ass. Oh, and because my trip aces with a better kicker got riverboated.

Tonight? Condo general meeting, which is always aggravating and boring at the same time. At least they're not installing 800k worth of A/C on the roof this year. I should probably open and read the package sometime. Mookie after that, and I may, possibly, be riled up.

Jays lose 2-1 to the Red Sox last night. Pitcher's duel, with Wakefield coming out on top... barely. Tallet continues to impress.

Wings go up 2-0 in the series against the Hawks. Chicagoans, ask yourself honestly - can the Hawks win 4/5 against Detroit?

Speaking of Chicago - I've got an invite to head down that way in June or July for a weekend with a bunch of friends. Still debating if I can swing the time. There's also the possibility of a weekend at a cottage closer to home which is slightly more appealing (nothing against Chi-town, I just like relaxing next to a lake with beer, and seldom get the chance)... I'd ideally like to swing both.

Spinal Tap/The Folksmen - Unwigged and Unplugged tomorrow night! Should be a good show... Tap acoustic could be interesting, no idea how you turn an acoustic performance up to 11.

I've been playing around with High Dynamic Range (HDR) a fair bit these days, some might say too much. But then again, I don't go to the completely unrealistic extremes some do out there. For some reason, I particularly like this shot. It's right on that border of hyper-real and looking computer generated. I like the almost bump-mapped look of the pavement too.


Alright, enough ramblin' for now.


1Queens Up1 said...

oh man, i really want to catch the spinal tap/folksmen show...

A mighty wind's a blowin...

lightning36 said...

It was doubtful that the Hawks could even win four of seven. They have played pretty well and are about two years ahead of schedule, but the Red Wings are still the Red Wings -- the most talented team in hockey.

I picked the Wings in six. It may be five. This was as far as I picked the Hawks to go. Much better than watching the playoffs from the sidelines, which is where the Hawks have lived for over ten years.

Don't be surprised to see the Hawks win the Cup in two years.

VinNay said...

Cool shot. What are you using for HDR? How man shots for the hydrant, and by how much are you stepping the exposure?

Astin said...

Queens - Yup, I'm looking forward to it. All three of those guys are hilarious.

Lightning - They made it further than I expected this year, but I'm with you on a cup win within a couple seasons if they can keep the team together.

Vin - 3 shots on the hydrant, +/-2 for the exposure. I didn't have a tripod, so I went with my XTi's bracketing and continuous shooting. Then ran through Photomatix, and cropped in CS4. Less post-work than usual actually. The UWA lens helps too i think, as it creates an exaggerated perspective.