Thursday, May 21, 2009

When Support Goes A Bit Far

Last night was a disaster for the Jays. As expected, the columnists and pundits came out this morning with calls of doom and gloom for this team. "They can't beat the big boys" was the call of course.

An 8-3 loss sounds bad. But in reality, it was one bad inning and a case of stranding men that killed them.

Brett Cecil was kept on by the Jays, as they sent down original starting rotation rookie Ricky Romero to the minors. Cecil has gone deep into games and been stellar so far.

Then the 5th inning came last night. 4 home runs, a bat-around inning for the Sox, and 6 runs scored.

The Jays had 14 hits in the game to Boston's 15, and they kept knocking balls into deep centre field. So it's not like Penny was having a stellar game either.

Take out that 5th inning, and it's a 3-2 win for the Jays. Of course, that's a lame thing to say when you're talking baseball.

No, the problem was Cito Gaston last night. I like Cito, and think he's one of the most underrated managers in the league. But last night, one of his biggest virtues, loyalty to his players, was a major flaw.

Cito doesn't change his lineup much. He doesn't mess with the rotation. He lets guys play through slumps. He leaves pitchers in if he thinks they can get that one more out. This confidence in his players endears him to the them, and they know that when he DOES pull them, that they deserve it.

Last night, Cecil missed his spot and threw it right into Varitek's wheelhouse. There was no mistaking that it was his 2nd home run of the night. Cecil watched it go, and from my couch I knew he was rattled. The next pitch went between 2nd and 3rd and into the outfield, but Cecil was lifeless in his reaction. Nobody was warming up. Cecil faced 4 more batters, gave up 3 more home runs, and a triple. 6 runs scored, before Gaston finally pulled him and put in Camp. Cecil was all over the place after that first home run. He was high, his release point was way off, and he was rattled all to hell. Yet Gaston stuck with him.

Now you have a kid who's going to always remember the day he gave up his first 5 major league home runs. He should have been pulled as soon as possible in that inning.

We'll see how tonight plays out. If the Jays win it, then I imagine the pundits will go back to cautious optimism. If they get swept, then it will be doom and gloom all weekend. Unless they sweep the Braves that is.


lightning36 said...

Play the White Sox every day and the Jays would be 162-0.

SirFWALGMan said...

SWEEEEP! BWAHAHAH! I honestly think one of these years the Jays will make a run like the Debil Rays. Not this year though.

Riggstad said...

Eff the pundits.. for they know not what else to talk about.

So they sensationalize or just plain make shit up.

Jay's are solid this year.

Waffles is purely a know-nothing band wagon fag.

The only thing he knows about baseball is that the ball is white, possibly may have red "stripes", and heard the term "bat" somewhere along the way.