Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mookie Frog Day

So Jamy's idea is that everyone choose the frog as their avatar, creating tables full of frogs, or if you've downloaded the donkavatars like a good blogger, a table full of Moe's, Swedish Chef's, and purple tree frogs (c'mon Mike, you could have gone Kermit, or Robin (Kermit's nephew, not Batman's boytoy), or the frog from One Froggy Night, or a Battletoad or something if you wanted to keep it amphibious).

Be careful though, the power of the frog avatar is not to be taken lightly. There will undoubtedly be tables where everyone has aces at the same time, despite the impossibility of this situation. Well, everyone except Bayne and the other Moes, who will be priced in to call with 95o and flop 678 rainbow.

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