Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday, The New Monday

It was a long weekend up here in Canadia, where we celebrate the roving birthday of a long-dead lady with a crown. It seems she celebrated it every May, on the last Monday before the 25th.

I love long weekends. Who doesn't? Workoholics I guess, but I never acquired a taste for workohol.

A lot of home PC work filled up my weekend, but now my friend's computer is running well again, and mine is feeling fresh and error-free. Nothing like a format and reinstall to fix what ails ya.

BBQ on Sunday was uneventful, but involved copious amounts of food and fireworks.

I also now have one of these, which of course means I'm trying out a bunch of homemade soda syrup recipes. So far, cream soda is a piece of cake, and I'm tempted to pick up a few oils to try a cola. I was rather annoyed when I found out that even the non-diet syrup options from the company had a whack of articifical sweetners. Simple syrup is your friend (2:1 sugar to water, boiled and cooled).

I almost forgot about the Riverchasers game last night, since it was a long weekend and "Monday" didn't register. But I signed up, and got annoyed.

I jumped up early with a river suckout when I misread wwonka's hand terribly (he had two pair, I put him on air, but rivered the set). After that, I maintained with selective aggression, but when I made the right moves - isolating with the best hand, drawing in weaker hands, etc. - I got nailed by the RNG. At one point I was down to 850 chips and 25th place out of 25, but I got 3 successive pairs (33, KK, 77) that held up or scared away opponents to get back in the race. In the end, I got in with AQ vs KJ and the rivered J bubbled me out in 10th.

Story of my week in poker. It's enough to make one thing decision-based poker can kiss one's ass.

Limit Hold'em tonight in the Skillz Game, 9:30pm ET, Full Tilt, password: skillz. I'll be there, and I plan to chase every draw I can. I think there are but 8 games left in BBT4, and there have been plenty of multiple winners to thin the TOC herd. I really want a spot in that.

Oh - and an unoriginal thought re: the economy to finish this off. The phrase "worst economic crisis since The Great Depression" is tossed around less now, as people keep trying to fool everyone into thinking we're pulling out of it (we're not). Please bear in mind this: The Great Depression ended with WWII. The reason it did was because the majority of European and Asian industry had been literally destroyed. Factories bombed, cities levelled. North & South America were relatively untouched, and as such were the ONLY providers of manufactured goods and aid in the world. There's a tiny fraction of that production capability in industrialized nations now, and the US hasn't actually been a producer of things in years. So how do you pull yourself out of this one?

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VinNay said...

We pull ourselves out of it by practicing the rhythm method.

Seriously though, we are the biggest consumer in the world now, and I think other countries want us to keep buying their crap, so I believe we are going to be looking at a total global currency reboot.

Drive asset prices up, make current currencies worthless, and re-issue new global fiat currencies that partially "re-set" the debt/capital ratios.

Expect gold to go to $20K/ounce.