Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Missed That

5-1 Jays win last night. Halladay dominating. Burnett losing control at exactly the right times, and the good guys capitalizing. A-Roid showing what a weak 3rd baseman he is. 43,737 fans yelling, "Yankees/A-Roid/AJ sucks!" repeatedly throughout the night while going apeshit for the Jays. A full-stadium wave going around 4 or 5 times.

12,500 same-day walk-ups for the game. There were seats filled in sections I forgot they had open.

If the Jays keep winning, this could be the game that kicks off the resurgence of their popularity in this town. I haven't heard a crowd this loud in the Dome since the back-to-back years in the 90's (okay, the 20k fan that were in attendance when Fernandez hit a late-game grand slam on his retirement tour came close, but that was only for the slam, not the whole game). Helluva time. And this was a TUESDAY game!


I hope everyone's watching the NHL playoffs. 3 game sevens in round 2. Washington-Pittsburgh tonight, then Detroit-Anaheim and Boston-Carolina tomorrow. This is some serious hockey, and possibly the best overall playoffs I've seen. Gotta pull for Detroit and Boston to win their games. Chicago-Detroit in the Western finals? Boston-Detroit/Chicago in the cup? Those are some sweet matchups.

And I find myself cheering for Pittsburgh in the other game, not entirely sure why.


It's Wednesday - that means Las Mookie tonight - Full Tilt, 10pm ET, pw: vegas1. BBT4 is winding down, and I've been playing terribly. I'll still be throwing my $10+1 at the game tonight, but I suck, so I doubt much will come of it.


VinNay said...

Jay's are def tearing it up. Yankee's fan myself, but always liked the Jay's due to proximity. And considering I want the Yanks to finish dead last this year so they can finally fire Cashman, I hope the Jays continue to dominate.

NHL playoffs - OMG, best in a long while. Gotta root for Washington though, Ovechkin is just so damn good. And he isn't a whiney bitch like Crosby.

In other series, I like the Ducks and Boston to win it.

Wash-Boston and Anahiem-Chi, with Bos-Chi final, it would be great to have 2 original 6 teams in the finals.

Shrike said...

Could well see an Original Six final with either Chicago or Detroit vs. Boston.