Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Last Chance

As stated, barring an early ousting (now for both me and a friend I'm dragging along) in the home game this Sunday, I'll miss the Brit Game (4pm ET Sunday, pw: donkament, it's $5.50, so you can't go wrong.) This is a shame since one of the few times I played it was the closest I've come to a seat. Maybe I'll bring the laptop and multitable.... hmm, that should strike even more fear in their hearts.

So that leaves The Big Game (Sunday, 9:30pm, buy-in: $75 or a level 2 token - get yours now!) as my last shot at a TOC seat. I'm particularly aggravated because my demises in the last few BBT games have come at the hands of the river after I made the right move at the right time. Grrr...

I think the number of repeat winners in this round of the BBT is unprecedented. Jordan's got 4, TuscaloosaJohn and Heffmike have 3 each, 1QueensUp1, Smokkee, Joanne, and ShipFaced12 have 2 each. That's 11 seats that are essentially vacant in the TOC, out of what? 55? That's 1/5th of the field culled. That's a 1 in 22 chance of winning a main event package to the WSOP! How the hell do you beat that? Hell, BuddyDank has a seat, that's another vacancy right there!

And I want in. So do you.

And here's hoping I'm in a better mood come Sunday. I hate ambiguity, and I'm currently sitting in befuddlement through no fault but my own. I have to learn to bet for information. That's a metaphor, son.


lightning36 said...

Ha -- join the remaining players on the outside for the death match this Sunday!!

smokkee said...

GL on Sunday brotha.