Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Already

Well, there was a weekend in there somewhere.

Friday was all about Star Trek - got there just as the line started to form, which meant dead-centre primo seats for me and 7 friends.

What can I say? Great pilot episode. Better than TNG, DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise did for their pilots. What's that you say? It's not a series? Oh.

Well then, great first in a long series of movies. Everyone's talked about what a great reboot it is, and I have to agree. Abrams unabashedly said "This is a reboot, deal with it." while not insulting the audience. It has left the future wide open, with changes both subtle and grand. It also showed a ton of respect for what has gone before.

Oh, and Karl Urban = the perfect McCoy. He NAILED it.

Pegg wasn't as Peggish as I feared (Pegg is awesome, but I don't want Shaun as Scotty). Quinto was a good Spock. Pine did a good young, altered Kirk. Uhura and Chekov suddenly have abilities and skills (Chekov = boy genius, Uhura = xenoliguistic specialist, think Hoshi, but already knowing the languages), and Sulu? Well... he can still fence. John Cho was sadly the weakest redo of the characters - too bland, and sometimes I only saw Harold.

I just hope they signed them all for multiple movies, because if they start messing with the cast, it could cause problems with the Trekkies.

And I have no doubt a series will spawn from all this.

Saturday - I woke up at 5pm. I recycled. I made a lemon meringue pie. I threw up more phots on Flickr. I accomplished little else.

Sunday - Mother's day. I went to an interesting, if overlong documentary. I returned home. I cleaned like a maniac. Family came over, we ate, I served my lemon meringue pie. It didn't hold as well as I'd hoped (forgot the butter in the curd), but well enough to still be pie and not lemon soup with crust. I played the $5k PLO and got screwed by terrible beats. Similar things happened in an FTOPS #24 satellite. I uploaded Iceland Day 4 (only 1.5 years after the fact) to Flickr. Hey, at least my place is clean again.

Today? Haven't a clue. Make some dinner, play some RC/PPI at 10pm on Full Tilt, probably do more photo stuff.

Because I'm looking forward to tomorrow. The Yankees come to town for the Jays first real game of the season. Halladay vs Burnett just amps up the game. This should be a great matchup. Field level, 1st base side, but sadly 17 rows back. I'll be sure to take some pictures.

Oh, Jays, still in 1st in the AL. 2nd overall in the league.

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BamBam said...

"Field level, 1st base side, but sadly 17 rows back."

Astin Sir.....

Take an EF'in glove!

Doc. vs. AJ!!!

Can you catch a foul ball about every 60 seconds or so?

Should be a great game. Thought of you for heading down for the fun. Then work and Montreal took my first tickets in 6 years, away.

I expect a good post.
(and a foul ball story!)
Head's up!

Sry... phat fingers... :)