Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's been awhile since I waded into the PLO pool. Thanks to Jordan's post yesterday, I was reminded of this. So I played the 9:15 $5k guarantee on Tilt. Honestly, the $26 is beyond what would be "right" for my current online roll, but that's never stopped me in the past.

What a terrible bunch of players. Something like 227 donkeys lined up in a straight line to save bullets.

Hand histories are at home, but in the first half hour I was up to 16k in chips, and we were still in the 20/40 level.

One hand saw THREE players send all their chips my way. I turned the nut straight, and found myself against JJ, an overpair, and top set (everyone but the JJ, who as in preflop, all-in on the turn). Seriously? JJ had no other possible helpful cards in the starting hand. The overpair's call was moronic. The top set would have been forgiveable except I'm SURE he thought he'd turned a boat using 3 of his cards.

I sat out for a bit to do some chores. Hell, I had an M of 267 and the break was coming in 10 minutes. The cat litter wasn't going to change itself.

I sat back down after the first break and chipped up over 25k. By the 2nd break, we were down to around 50-60 players left.

My game went off the rails a bit during the 3rd hour, and at one point I found myself down to around 7k, for 3rd last, with around 7 to go before the money. I'd lost to quads (3 on the board) 4 times, but other than the first one, minimized my losses. I was long folded when another 3-board quads came down. I don't care how draw-heavy Omaha is, 5 times at one table 3 cards of the same rank came down, giving some donkey with a terrible hand quads. The rest of the losses came from having to fold draws to boards with bigger draws in them. Omaha's a game of the nuts after all, and I couldn't imagine anybody I was playing against being capable of bluffing.

The I finally got some cards. AKAQ DS holds. Flushes filled. And then I had enough chips (around 40k) to scare off everyone else as we went hand-for-hand.

Once we got close to the final table bubble, I was above average, and evenly matched with the other chipleaders at my table, save one. I stole some blinds, won some hands early that I wished people had stayed around for, and basically stood still as nobody was willing to take a shot.

I don't remember my last hand exactly, but it was against the table leader, who had been LAGgy and had shown some terrible hands the odd time it went to showdown. I had AJ s00ted and a couple other cards I like in there. I flopped the A and maybe a draw, read him for weak, and pushed. He called after a few seconds thought and showed 2nd pair. He rivered 2 pair to send me packing in 10th.

It was a far more interesting game than The Mookie was, that's for sure. It also made me a small profit for the night, but increased the Tilt roll by a third, so there's that.

The whole thing felt like playing NLHE a couple years ago. Everyone tightens up at bubbles, and it's ABC Omaha (actually, more like the illiterate dyslexic version of ABC). Bad play is the norm.

I'll probably be back in it tonight. Unless I get caught up in trying to get my damned desktop to work again. Fucking thing just up and died. I'm suspecting the power supply now.

That's what laptops are for though, right?


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