Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bread and Bloggers Representing

As part of my wine club membership, I get a couple recipes sent to me each month that pair well with the wines I get. They usually sound pretty interesting, but I have yet to get around to making any.

Then with the Trius Red came Tomato Bread with Roasted Garlic.

And it turns out I had all the ingredients.

Except the fast rise yeast. Whoops.

No worries, regular dry active yeast in some water and added with the liquids.

So last night I decided to make it. I rehydrated the sundried tomatoes, roasted some garlic, and assembled the ingredients. First time the dough hook's been used on the Cuisinart mixer.

Seems the extra water made it a bit sticky. A couple cups of flour later and it could be handled without sticking to every spot of skin available.

Then I realized it would be 2am before the bread was done, I'd go to sleep, and not even try the stuff until tonight.

So I punched down the dough, put it in the greased pans, and put 'em in the fridge to keep 'em from rising until I could get to them tonight.

This morning? Three pans full of risen bread dough. Whoops.

So... when I get home tonight, I suppose another punch will be required and a third rise. Not exactly according to the recipe, but at the end of the day, bread is bread and the flavours are all extras. In fact, the 16 hours in the fridge will probably impart a more yeasty and delicious bread flavour.

Any breadmakers out there want to warn me off a third rise?


So first we had CK taking 39th in the $2.5k Omaha/Stud WSOP event for around $4300. Now, we have LJ (too lazy to look up her CR blog, she's got a link at the other one) taking down TENTH out of 770 in the $1.5k HORSE event! Bubbles suck, but $19.2k? Not too shabby. That would almost make me a winning player if I won that.

I really hope that last statement is hyperbole on my part.

The blogger ladies are kicking ass in the WSOP this year.

Guys? You gonna step up? You know, other than Sprstoner, who's been on a sick run for a while now.

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BWoP said...

Team vag FTW!