Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Again

Every week, Monday rolls around. Will it ever stop?

Good weekend though.

Friday - continued displaying my lack of a life by staying home and coming in second in the Donkament. Congrats to Numbette for taking it down. I spent most of the game listening to the BDR crew bash my stellar play (rebuy method: (Any ace, any king, any connectors, any 1-gappers, any suited face, any paint) = ALL IN)

I ran sick, then the RNG turned on me, then I ran sick again after the rebuy.

Meanwhile I drank a Blue Lagoon with blood orange vodka and watched the Penguins beat the Wings in game 7 (I can only imagine how happy this guy was).

Hell of a game. Hell of a series. Hell of a playoffs. Good game guys. Penguins take round 2 against Detroit and Crosby is the youngest Stanley Cup captain ever. Bettman's still a douchebag though. Can you say round 3 next year?

Saturday - Oh bliss. Hit the farmer's market with the best friend. It was surrouned by dogs as Woofstock (and that's just the start of the bad puns for that event) was taking place on the closed-off street. Good things dogs are cute. Grabbed a few bags of groceries, and off to the Summerhill Market to find Greek yogurt. You'd think in a city that has a Greek population like we do, there'd be more Greek yogurt to be found.

Why Greek yogurt (and a bunch of other stuff)? Because we were making Greek food that night. Homemade tzatiki (fan-FUCKING-tastic) and Greek salad was my friend's job. Me? I handled the chicken (one whole chicken, butterflied, marinated, and grilled flat on the BBQ on the roof), and the potatoes, roasted in the oven until brown and crispy (that last bit was handled by my friend as I was roofside, grilling).

As I was on the roof grilling away, I called my friend to come up and take some stuff down. Upon walking out on my fantastic roof with a great view of the city, lake, tower, and AGO on a gorgeous evening, it was decided that we were eating up there. An excellent bottle of Hillebrand's 2008 Artist's series Sauvingnon Blanc (sent thanks to my wine club membership) was downed, and a couple whitebeers (Hoegaarden and Blanche de Chambly) came after. Some strawberry sorbet from last week finished it off.

That was one kickass meal, and the leftovers made a kick-ass chicken sandwhich for me on Suday. That's also when I found the Kasseri cheese that was supposed to be made into Saganaki. Whoops.

Sunday? I woke up around 1, lazed through the day, and played some poker. I came to a realization that my BR was in trouble and I didn't want to refill it (and, in fact, Click2Pay won't let me on Stars). So I guess I'm back to playing responsible limits. Which likely means no more WSOP shots or last-minute Sunday guarantees. $3 MTTs and $5 SnGs, here I come! Oh joy.

And then today I finished off the Playoff Pool. this guy came in 2nd in the second chance pool, which game him a bit of a profit that I'll now mail across the country. Thousands of $$ given away, and not a penny to me.

Now to eliminate the next 3 days so it's Friday tomorrow. I'm entering one of the birthday seasons (not mine), which means many a friend to be visited in the upcoming weeks. Damn, that's starting to sound like a life, and just when I was enjoying sitting around in my boxers with a plate of bacon in front of me.

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Schaubs said...

Woo Hoo! I think I may have even won some money (net) in the playoffs!

Thanks for running the pool again this year.