Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've Obviously Got Nothing

Yah, one of those posts.

What can I say? Heading home, making pizza, eating said pizza, and then vegging in front of some sort of screen doesn't make for worthwhile rambling.

I did wander the city with my camera yesterday, heading for a couple Luminato installations. A few preliminary shots are on my Flickr page.

Ended up at the Red Ball the same time this guy was there. Which is kind of cool since his photo blog is probably the best on Toronto. I wish I had an ounce of his skill. Of course, I wasn't SURE it was him, and didn't say hi out of fear I'd have the wrong guy. Actually, I was sure, I just hate coming off as a stalker (it happens far more often than I'd like... I should really stop stalking people). I'm surprised I didn't run into him earlier though, since he lives about 3 blocks away from me and always seems to be taking pictures of places I've been to, around the same time I was there. Maybe I'm the one being stalked...

You know what's mildly depressing? When a guy you interviewed and recommended for a job 6 years ago just got promoted to head of something while you're in the same spot you were 8 years ago. Then again, I didn't want to move to NYC, and am also one lazy procrastinator. He, on the other hand, is a workaholic. I can't stand workahol.

The meeting with the CFO tomorrow could be interesting though. Or routine.

Poker, let's talk about that. I suck at it. Well, I suck at it except when I don't and then get sucked out on. Online BR is dwindling again already. I think I reloaded 3 weeks ago. Need to play within my limits. At least I'll never have any of those pesky withdrawal issues successful players have. I mean, you can't withdraw if you don't have any winnings, right?

Yah... it's one of those weeks. Yet still, I haven't had a drink since Saturday. Man, I need a beer... and a scotch... and maybe a martini. Not necessarily in that order.

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BamBam said...

Think happy thoughts.
While sipping that Lag of course!