Friday, June 12, 2009


It started out as me wanting to use lard in chocolate chip cookies. Then I decided bread was good idea. Then OhCaptain chimed in with cinnamon rolls.

Now there's a whole greek meal planned. No, there wasn't really a connection between the baked goods and the meal. Regardless, I imagine there will be food made this weekend.

Now if only blood oranges were still in season...

Meanwhile, I'm leaning towards street meat for dinner tonight. It should sit will with the angus cheeseburger and fries I had for lunch.

Or maybe I'll just drink for dinner. The blood orange vodka and lemonade last night was tasty. It would prime me for the Donkament.

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lj said...

note to self: stop reading astin's blog when you're drunk and hungry.

<3 blood oranges and cinnamon rolls. come to vegas pls!