Friday, June 05, 2009

Damn You All

Oh, you are an insidious lot. Sneaky, scheming, and most assuredly patient in your machinations, that's what you are.

All these tweets, posts, and other pronouncements of your activities is chipping away at my fragile resolve. I've wavered constantly back and forth today.

Vegas? Not Vegas? Stay home and pull the covers up over my head?

IF I did Vegas, it would be for a day-off-free weekend. Fly in Friday night, leave Sunday. This lends itself to two options.

1.- Play a single 2-day tournament (either Venetian deepstack or Caesar megastack).
2.- Play no tournaments and just wander Vegas, seeking bloggers, games of interest, and general trouble. I mean, Pauly, Al, CK, F-Train, LJ, and Change are permanent fixtures down there right now (well, Pauly will be once he gets back). I believe Otis is swinging over sometime in the future as well to toss limes and write about some little series that is going on now, assuming Dos and the family stay well. And of course, there's a revolving door of other bloggers coming and going from Sin City. So I could probably find someone to talk to and grab a drink with.

Obviously, 2 is more appealing, although I'd love to take a shot at the tournament. But if I went deep (hey, it's happened before), then that would take up 99% of my time there.

Then there's non-Vegas. Specifically, Atlantic City. I've never been, and I hear Riggs is hanging around the Borg. Jordan needs about 1/8th of an excuse to head down there these days, and I'm sure I could drag my buddy N along for the ride.

Or I stay home. I've got an invite to Chicago that I should follow up on for late June or July. I'm in Israel at the end of August. It's not like I'm planning on not going anywhere anyway. A day trip to Niagara or Rama one weekend and no foreign exchange or passports to worry about.

Oh decisions, how do I hate thee?

For tonight, I'll focus on the 16oz ribeye slathered in butter that I have planned. And the gimlet. And Key Lime pie. Have yourselves a great weekend!


lightning36 said...

A gimlet and key lime pie together?

1Queens Up1 said...

Blogger gathering in Vegas on 06/25/09 just as an FYI. I know its a Thursday but I thought I'd let ya know anyway.


Riggstad said...

Dude, I even have Waffles coming to the Borg! I say you pick up Vinnay and Kat on the way.

*apropos word verification for this post: GAMBL :)

BWoP said...

See you in Vegas.

We can hit the burger machines!