Monday, June 01, 2009

First Time For Everything

I failed to make it into the TOC for BBT4. First time in 4 BBTs I didn't manage to get spot. In fact, this was by far my worst performance in these series to date.

I'm pretty sure I have nobody to blame but myself. I generally played too weak-tight. True, I was also fairly card dead, seemed to have my cards face-up most of the time (I'd play a hand one way, and everyone would fold, I'd play another hand the exact same way and get 3 callers and a re-raiser, but that's poker). The thing is, I think I played alright yesterday, but QQ < KK in the end. Hell, I even folded KK pre-flop when every bone in my body screamed I was being lured into AA. Don't know if Lightning36 wants to confirm that or not though. Yah, like I said, weak-tight... even Don's got more balls than me.

I made it home just in time to be 1 minute late for the late registration for the Brit Game earlier in the day. The home game only had 6 people turn out, and I went out in 3rd. Dammit.

I went out somewhere in the teens in The Big Game Mulligan when I stopped caring and just wanted to get some sleep. Having the split flopped straight with TBA go down to his rivered 4-flush kinda took out what little wind was in my sails at the time.

So all-in-all, a shitty Sunday for poker. The flu I had all weekend (and still have) didn't help matters either.

But still, a huge THANK YOU to AlCantHang for putting this whole clusterfuck together for us unworthy degenerates. I sincerely hope that whichever two donkeys take down the WSOP ME packages USE them for their intended purpose - to PLAY IN THE WSOP!

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lightning36 said...

You were correct, sir. Excellent fold.

I considered just calling your raise, but we all know that the flop would have then produced a King.