Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend, Weekend, Don't Be Late

Shit, where the motherfuck did Monday come from?

I swear it was Monday yesterday, and I was bitching about it being Monday.

Well, I guess when you find yourself busy all week, it can fly by.

Now, summer starts and thing should slow to a crawl, as the dress code slowly slips until September.

Anyway, a good week. Saw a few movies I enjoyed (Frost/Nixon, and Up, which is far, far better than Wall-E could have hoped to be, but still hasn't reached Toy Story 2 height in the Pixar pantheon). A birthday bbq on Friday that let me catch up with a few good friends. I've been hermitting a fair bit recently, and have been late in emerging from the winter hibernation. That might have been the event to kick my ass into gear. Saturday I fixed a computer in my usual way (showed up, turned it on, and it worked fine because it feared me), followed by Up and tasty sushi and drinks. Sunday was father's day, but I first managed to get a few things done around the homestead, go for a walk around the downtown, have some ice cream, and veg around a bit before heading to the folks'. Of course, I played a few $5 SnG's on Stars, only to get raped by their RNG each time. Nothing worse than playing the turned flush perfectly only to have the river pair for your opponent's boat. Oh wait, it's worse when you knew it was coming from the flop.

And now I want this weekend to roll around. Friday is another birthday, a costume party - dress as your favourite person. I'm going as myself.

Saturday? Taking advantage of a late strawberry season in Ontario and planning to pick a few tonnes of the red berries, turning them into various other forms (jam, sorbet, sherbet, ice cream, shortcake, syrup, vodka, waffles, and I'm sure I can think of others). Hoping there are a few raspberries too. Hey, this is Canada, you jump on the opportunity for fresh, local produce.

I'd also like my predictions about the Jays to stop almost coming true when I put a pessimistic spin on them. 1-2 against the Nationals? Ugh. Way to waste what should have been the easiest series of your existence.

Cincy next. I expect the Jays will take the series, but not sweep. Then it's time to welcome the Phillies to town. Hrmm... maybe I'll see if anyone wants to go to the game on Sunday. Doc may be back in the rotation then.

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