Thursday, June 25, 2009

Never Give Up

A timeline.

- Turn computer on last week
- Leave computer on a week
- Turn off computer Tuesday night
- After working just fine all week, playing games, downloading, etc, computer doesn't turn on.
- Realize video cable knocked out after restarting system
- Plug back in
- No signal
- Lights on, nobody home
- No beeps, no reaction to shutdown keystrokes for Windows
- This means - it isn't really on
- Full shutdown, restart. Nothing.
- Check video card. Nothing.
- Clear CMOS. Nothing.
- Eventually pull everything but RAM, video card, CPU and fans
- Nothing.
- Pull RAM. Motherboard beeps RAM error. Replace RAM one at a time. Try both sticks individually. Nothing
- Unplug video card. Video card lets me know of its dissatisfaction.
- Plug video card back in. Nothing.
- Pull out power supply.
- Turn on power supply, use multimeter to test every plug. Checks out.

So, I have a completely dismantled computer that won't turn on.

I have never given up on a machine, and I'm not about to start. At this point, it can only be the video card, the motherboard, or the CPU. If it was the CPU, the motherboard should beep accordingly. Ditto the video card. So it seems it may be the motherboard. Finding people with similar problems but little solutions now...

Just venting.


KenP said...

Sounds like flaky power supply. The switching ones can fail in a manner that points elsewhere.

Astin said...

I thought so too, but every wire on the thing is providing the proper voltage. Be it the 24-pin board connector, any of the molex, or the PCI-E power. Didn't test the SATA plugs, but that won't affect POST, especially when I have every SATA drive disconnected.