Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Two tasks tonight:

1.- Get cat food. Easy

2.- Get oil changed.

#2 goes like this:

Drive in to Mr. Lube. "Same filter?" "Sure." Figure out oil needs, opt for full flush. They also inspect. Need new cabin filter, gas filter, and fuel injection cleaned... oh, and brake fluid. $500 later, I'm done and leaving. I stop and get gas. I'm on the phone most of the way home. I get off the phone and hear a strange sound when I hit the brakes. A VERY strange sound. Maybe it's all wet or something. Get home. I hear a hissing sound. I wait for it to go away. It doesn't. I look for the source. Driver's side... rear tire... blue screw stuck in the tire. Fanfuckingtastic.

Get back on the road to Canadian Tire. Auto service closed at 6... it's 8:15. Fuck. Buy tire sealant/inflator. Use sealant. Drive around to spread sealant through tire. Get home AGAIN. Hissing stopped. Brakes still making a terrible sound.

Fucking Mr. Lube. So now I'm taking the morning off to bring the car in to get the tire fixed, and find out what the hell they did to the brakes. It's not like the car is needed this weekend for a drive out of the city or up to a cottage or anything... oh wait... IT IS!

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OhCaptain said...

Ugh. Not good. Hope cat food went better.