Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Value Hunt

First and foremost - if you haven't already, pay Bayne a visit. There's not much most of us can do other than send thoughts and prayers, but even that helps.

Okie-Vegas is looking less likely than originally. After Mookie's & Vegas in May & June respectively, I'm a bit travelled out with these weekend jaunts. There's still The Bash and WinterVegas ahead this year, plus I'd like to go someplace for a week at some point. So vacation time juggling and travel fatigue could conspire against me going to what sounds like an absolute blast of a time in Okie. Toss in the fact the only flight I'd be able to take goes via Denver (I hate connecting flights, especially in the States from Canada), and it doesn't look good. We'll see, my mood might be completely different next week.

But WPBT December is a go as far as I'm concerned. The difference here is that I'll be bringing some friends along, which means I'll actually pay real-people money for my ticket. So now the hunt is on for the ideal time to snag a seat sale and cheap hotel stay. At the moment, TI is once again leading the pack on the hotel front. It's a great price point for the quality, and is across the road from the Venetian, and close to Caesar's (tram to Mirage, across the road from the forum shops, and stroll on in). Planet Hollywood is pricier than last year by a good chunk, but I expect I'll be getting some mail from them (and TI, and Orleans, and probably Harrah's now too) by the fall with deals aplenty. Flights are unfortunately priced at the moment though, but that's because the real sales for December won't start for a couple more months.

On the poker front - meh and more meh. I'm playing like ass, tilting easily, and getting screwed by the deck... I put 98% of my recent meh on my play though. I'm playing on auto-pilot and it shows. I should take a break for a few days... which means I'll probably be in the Mookie tonight.

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