Friday, June 20, 2008

Flashback Friday

For the past couple seasons, the Blue Jays have been making Friday home games nights of nostalgia. Old players come back to wave to the crowd and chat on TV. This year, they team started wearing their baby blues from the 70's and the throwback hats that are so much cooler than the newer ones.

Now, they've completed it. Just announced - John Gibbons and his coaching staff have been fired and replaced with Cito Gaston, Nick Leyva, and Gene Tenace. I'm surprised the canned Ernie Whitt, since he'd fit in well with that group.

Yes, Cito "Back-to-back World Series" Gaston is back in the dugout. Guy hasn't had a sniff of a managing job since then, but he's back. This will get fans excited... but ultimately it's probably for naught. The team's in the basement and would have to make an epic turnaround to even contend this season. A shame really. With Tenace as the hitting coach, at least they have someone with experience there.

Will this help? Probably not. But if J.P. Ricciardi would fire himself and get Pat Gillick as his replacement, maybe they'd be on to something...

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Poker Brian said...

You cant have Pat Gillick back Astin, hes going to erase Joe Carter from Philly fans minds when they win the Series this year.

Mark my words!