Friday, June 06, 2008

A Day for Frying

30-something out there... supposedly feels like 40-something.

That's in the 100's for you yanks. Get a real system of measurement already, will ya?

I'm in the office, so outside makes no difference.

It appears there's some drama out there. I don't really know what it is, but it feels like it has been so long since the last drama. I was getting bored.

TOC tomorrow. Here are some predictions:

Astin wins
Everybody else: who cares?

Yah, like that's going to happen. Of course some people care.

Apparently, oil is expensive. Compared to... oil. I mean, compared to Champagne, caviar, printer ink, Coke, olive oil, and just about everything else, it's still cheap.

Too much beer last night. Need to remember more liquor, less beer.

In one week, I'll be in Vegas by now.... sweeeeeeeet!


OhCaptain said...

Don't forget. Oil is still cheaper then bottled water.

Good luck tomorrow.

Riggstad said...

I go solo for the North America cook off if I have to.

You don't get off that easy!

Have fun in Vegas Donkey!