Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Leaky

So obviously the mortar hasn't set yet after my ousting from the MATH last night.

JackAce is GOLD at the Hoy, isn't it? Apparently not against AK. Being priced in to see a flop by Jordan's weak re-raise should have been my first clue. AQ3 flop. Bet, smooth call. Turn is a brick, I bet and get called again... and say "he's got AK", but I have only a few hundred left so I put those in on the river that pairs the 3... K plays, g'nite!

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Went on to take 2nd in a $22 Turbo, which may be the first time I've cashed in one of those in a month. Uber-tight until 4-handed... no stupid calls.

It's only Tuesday. On the plus side, it gives me time to prep for Vegas. On the negative side, Vegas is still 3 days away.

No Skill Game for me tonight, as I instead take the car in for brake replacement tomorrow. Oh, and also Limit Stud Hi/Lo... I'm not THAT much of a masochist.

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Dillo said...

Good luck in Vegas buddy!

Still read the blog regularly. You write good stuff. Mine's been dormant for a bit, but firing it up again soon. Running well in cash and finally on FT...runner runner crap aside! :p

Railing ya from Oz.