Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vintage LV

With mention of the Winter Gathering coming out, it got me in a Vegas mood. I fired off the info to a few buddies who came down last year with me, and realized that in December the Palazzo was still being built, Encore was some boards along the street and a hole in the ground, and a bunch of other construction was barely begun. Vegas is a city in constant flux. I imagine that by December, the Hyatt will be taking shape (although still a year from opening), and Encore will be nearly done. Hell, even CityCenter will be taking shape.

So I felt the urge to take a ride in the wayback machine...

Scale be damned!

And also browsed these flickr collections:

Vintage Vegas' stream


The Last Vegas - Gone, but not forgotten pool

Some more recent than others, but still... imagine 100+ bloggers gathering at La Concha 12 years ago?

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