Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Guess I Need to Win More Poker

$42 for the tire repair. The lube place said they'll reimburse me since it was their screw.

"Your brakes are worn down, and one is already grinding. With the tire and labour - $728 to replace them all."

Funny, they were fine yesterday. There's only around 42 km (< 27000 miles) on the car. I'll be looking for a second and third opinion. Go in expecting a $40 oil change bill... finish the ordeal $1200 poorer. Yay.

So the plan tonight is to rush up after work, get the car, get the bill reimbursed and see if they have an explanantion on why my brakes were fine yesterday, but not today. Then get home, change, eat, and make my way to the club for some live poker. I suppose I should win the tournament to pay for car repairs... or clean up in cash.

Or the Wings could win tonight and hand me my pool win. Nice hunk of dough there too.

Somehow, the win in the $11 turbo yesterday doesn't cover it.


Poker. Like I said, I'm planning on playing live tonight. The last live game I played was at this guy's place, so it's been a bit. I've got a home game this weekend, and will be in Vegas next weekend, so I won't be lacking for opportunities in the near future. The club and home game are good places to get my feet wet before diving into Vegas again. The plays is equally horrible, but the lighting is better here.

That, and live play usually reinvigorates me. My online game has been rolling really well of late, especially considering I've played less games recently. More importantly is the cash game tonight. I haven't played cash live or online in months, which will hamper me come Vegas. Tonight will be all about finding a groove.


CNBC should invest in some consistent make-up people. Some days Erin, Maria, and Michelle look great, some days they look hungover, and some days the makeup gun is set on "whore".


Vegas - still waiting on confirmation for my tickets, but I'm committed to the 13th-15th. The flight out is pretty full (1 seat in economy, 6 in business class, 2 other passriders), but that could just mean a comfortable seat and meal on the way down... or I get out much later than expected, in which case I may extend my stay.

Okie-Vegas - I really want to go, but I'll hold off any decisions until after the TOC. A guy's got to believe.

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Weak Player said...

I like the "whore" setting, especially on Maria.