Thursday, June 26, 2008

For the Leafs Fans

Whirlwind time for the Leafs.

Yes, it's almost July and I'm talking hockey. Welcome to Canada.

Sundin - Rangers and Canadiens can speak to him until July 1st. For all his "I'm a Torontonian" talk and refusal to waive his no-trade clause, he's going to end up somewhere other than Toronto as a free agent. I held out some hope that he'd be here (because there's nobody else and a team needs at least one star) until Fletcher spoke yesterday about how he's willing to talk to Mats on July 1st. Read: Mats is outta here and we're trimming as much salary as we can and going to make sure this team tanks.

Wellwood - Kyle got put on waivers and picked up by Vancouver. Hey Fuel, Schaubs, and PirateLawyer - Enjoy his creativity, youth, skill, and complete lack of dedication or work ethic. Sounds like he's already a Canuck.

Tucker - Heart and soul of the team. Unfortunate that he's been bought out, but it was a purely financial decision. I hope he sees a cup before retiring... there was no chance of that here.

Raycroft - Cleared waivers because nobody wants a $2.2M backup goalie who can't stop a beach ball from going into a thimble. What a waste of Tukka Rask to get this pylon. We'll know within 24 hours if he's bought out or sticking around as a $2.2M anchor.

Clemenson - Surprised me that they didn't offer him a contract. Who the hell is our backup next year to Toskala? It CAN'T be Pogge, can it? They'll destroy that kid if they bring him up now. He hasn't proven himself in the minors, and will either barely play up here, or get shelled due to our lack of a team in front of him. If he's brought in, it's Alan Bester all over again.

McCabe's going nowhere unless a team gets desperate and offers a good trade, AND he waives his clause. Kubina will likely be traded before August 15th, but I have faith Fletcher will get SOMETHING for him (ie.- a 2nd round pick and a prospect).

Draft Pick - Amazing that they were able to move up a couple spots. Luke Schenn is being touted as a big, physical, quality shut-down defenseman, something that is severely underrated in the NHL. The Leafs need a stay-at-home guy who can occasionally contribute offensively... not another McCabe or Kubina or even a Kaberle. He could turn out to be a great pick. Then again, the Leafs haven't had a first-rounder pan out since Wendel Clark in 1985... No, Nik Antropov doesn't count yet.

Jamal Mayers - huh? Why did we get this guy?

Wilson - Good coaching pick. Another Brian Burke buddy in the fold. Is there any doubt Burke is heading east at some point?

So, what's 2008-2009 looking like? With any luck - dead last and a decent draft pick to show for it. Tavares would be nice.

Let's face it, the biggest name on the team now is Jason Blake. He'd be gone if anybody wanted him for what he costs. Hell, he costs too much to buy out even. We'll have a 1st line of Antropov, Blake, and... Stajan? Pohl? Moore? Ponikarovsky with Antropov at centre? Yah, that's right... you can't even put together a top line with this roster.

I feel for Toskala in goal... and all the kids who will get creamed.

The worst thing that could happen? Our young guys step up, Toskala proves his value, and Wilson actually coaches this team to win... another middle-of-the-pack year without anything to show for it. This is a team that needs to rebuild, which means it has to be torn down to nothing first. They're demolishing properly for this end.


Shrike said...

Worst mistake the Canucks made in the past ten years: firing Brian Burke.

I will puke if he ends up as the GM in Toronto. Because then there'd be at least one mitigating factor for my unwavering hatred of the Leafs.

corron10 said...

Jump on my team. The FLYERS. I feel for 2 yrs they had the worst record, this year, Eastern Confernce Finals.

AlCantHang said...

Drop me an email when you can. I can't seem to find your email address.

Schaubs said...

There is no doubt that Burke will be there, probably sooner than you think...

Time will tell with Wellwood. I understand your frustations based on what I've heard.

Hopefully this change will give him the kick start he needs... he is injury prone though.

I hope Sundin does the right thing and just retires...

1Queens Up1 said...

Im with Corron, Flyers bay-bee.