Thursday, June 26, 2008


Went for post-work drinks last night, where I ran into this guy. Seems he's still alive and drinking.

At one point, we were talking about how poker loses its lustre at times. Currently, I'm just not feeling it online. I've been firing up the computer mostly out of boredom since I got back from Vegas. It's 9pm, I've done all I'm going to do at home, watched a DVD, snacked on something, and find myself opening up an SnG or MTT as something to do. This is usually a good sign I need a break, or to switch it up with some live play. Maybe I'll hit the club tonight or tomorrow.

But one interesting side-effect of this apathy is that instinct and experimentation are coming back into play. Instinct due to not bothering to overthink situations, and experimentation in an effort to drum up some interest on my part.

I've been reading like a champ again, unscared of co-ordinated boards heads-up, bluffing with check-reraises on non-scary turns (but scary flops), short all-ins that are JUST enough to create doubt, and showing the nuts when people start getting suspicious. I'm making out-of-character bets and calls purely to see how I can bleed opponents later on, and making sure I know who will and won't fold.

Now if only my two pairs would hold up against the donks who can't let go of their crap.

Mookie last night - another comeback from oblivion, only to go out 17th when my flopped two pair couldn't chase off Mr. Overpair who rivered his 2-outer set to send me home. Hardly the first time something like this has happened.


Shrike said...

I did have AK when I shoved to isolate your EP raise by the way.

Amazingly, that was the only time out of five that I won with AK in the whole tournament. And that was only because you didn't call. ;)

Astin said...

Which was because I had suited crap.. something like 67 or QT no doubt. No wait... I mean aces. Yah, aces.