Monday, June 02, 2008

No Sale

AA 3x 5-handed with 11 players left, include two back-to-back (first won blinds and antes and got shown, 2nd reaped rewards). 1 more AA at the final table. KK, AK, AQ, QQ, and others in that stretch as well...

Came in 3rd in The Big Game for $700.35. Not a terrible score by any metric, but I could have been happier.

All week I had something envisioned. Heads-up with Goat in the last BBT3 game. Seriously. I had my list of people I'd like to see in the TOC who weren't there yet, but I kept coming back to Groucho and the Swedish Chef facing off, with a quick chop being determined.

Instead, Goat pushed from the button when I held AQ in the SB with a shortish stack, and I instacalled his K2o bluff. 323KQ board was good for getting my chips and a big chip lead, so I was happy for that. Unfortunately, he went absolutely card dead for the HU session and went down for 2nd place.

I know he wanted a seat badly. He ended up being the top money-earner in the BBT3, with over $2,700 in winnings. But he didn't play enough games to crack the top 20 in points. 25 games, 6 final tables, points 9 times, and a 36.87 ppg average... a damned shame he won't be fighting for the prize next Saturday. On the plus side, that's a fantastic ROI for the BBT3.

Well played sir.

Also, I wanted the cash from a chop.

Instead, maneki_neko, playing in his/her ONLY game of the BBT3 took it down. Congrats to them. From the looks of thing, it looks like they lived up to their name in regards to number of lives. What? You don't speak Japanese?

Now to decide if I want to do something that could piss off a bunch of people...

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Maneki-neko is used in shops and stuff in Japan because it's supposed to bring in more business/fortune. I guess that would include good starting cards and even more importantly, good flop, great turn, and unfuckinbelievablyawesome river.