Friday, May 30, 2008

Meat Hangover

Lightly breaded calamari in a sweet thai chili sauce.
Ribeye, medium rare
Key lime pie - best I've had outside of Key West

With a gimlet, hendrick's martini, bourbon manhattan, and 16-year Lagavulin all around those.

Followed by 4 more drinks at another restaurant.

For some reason, waking up was more difficult than usual today.

So what do I do for lunch? Angus burger with bacon, cheese, and spicy grilled onions (and a host of other toppings), fries, and chocolate shake.

I figure you fight a hangover with the hair of the dog, right? Doesn't that hold true for meat hangovers?

Dinner tonight after a wedding rehersal... french restaurant. There will be more meat.


Congrats to Scottc25 AKA Snuffy for the Riverchasers win last night. I beat him HU last week in the Chasers, so he comes right back and takes this week's down. Nice job! Apparently it was quite luckboxy... when isn't it?


Apparently Dr. Pauly covers the WSOP? Who knew?


Ultimate Bet has said "oops!" Man, how come I never get to see everyone's hole cards? I mean, combine that with my 3 pocket aces an hour rate and I'd clean up! 21 months of cheating?? TWENTY-ONE MONTHS? Jeebus.


La Caza Mayor, большой игры, बड़े खेल, Le Grand Jeu, Das Große Spiel, The Big Fuckin' Game is Sunday. Unlike the BBT2, Full Tilt didn't die in the middle of the Riverchasers, which makes this the absolute LAST seat in the BBT3. This is where I won my BBT2 TOC seat... I'm a bit ahead of the game this time, but still plan to fight for the win. Why? Money. Fischman's been the money leader since the start, but that could easily be changed by any number of people on Sunday.

Plus, I could use some poker after a weekend of wedding-related responsibilities.

Good luck to everyone this weekend. And don't forget the Donkament tonight!

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