Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Final Countdown

Out in the 50's or 60's or something in The Mookie last night. I'd missed the first half hour, dropped litre of carbonated water under my car (smash! glass everywhere), and still had a bunch on my to-do list. So it was with little more than a shrug that I exited when eventual winner Lucko's TT beat my AK. Those things didn't come into my decision though.

I had an M around 8 or 9 after chipping up a bit from my blinded-down stack. There was a raise before me, and I had AKo. I decided to call, as a raise would commit me completely. Lucko then repopped to 9x the BB (3x initial raise and my call). The original raiser folded and I was faced with push-or-fold with just 200 more chips than the re-raise. It was Lucko, in position, with a bit of a stack, so I figured that at worst I was racing lower pairs, but much more likely was ahead and facing a squeeze. So I pushed, saw TT, and didn't improve. Ah well.

I think I played a $22 Turbo becuase I knew I wouldn't be hitting the virtual felt again for a few days... that went about as well. I just haven't been able to win a race on Full Tilt for weeks it seems.

But that's all okay. Tonight I go see The Verve, and tomorrow I get on a plane to Austin/Bergstrom International Airport for Weekend at Mookie's! Which means tonight will involve post-concert packing, charging, tidying, and the like. Oh yah, and converting of videos to formats appropriate for my Archos. Here's hoping the rental has an aux port for me to plug into for some tunes on the drive up. It appears I have a navigator now. Company's always good when you have no idea where you're going.

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lj said...

my firm just gave away tons of tickets to the verve concerts here in ny, but i had no idea who they were. enjoy the concert!