Thursday, May 29, 2008

One Left

With last night's 4th place finish in the Mookie, I've moved up to 17th in the leaderboard. But there's only 68 points between 17th and 21st, so it's not a comfortable number by any means. Especially with two tournaments left, and me only being able to play in The Big Game.

For the record, actyper asked TuscaloosaJohn right away heads-up if he wanted to sell the seat. TJ automatically said "no, sorry". I have to agree. If you're playing in the TOC, giving up the extra seat equity isn't worth a deal in the Mookie. That being said, it's totally worth it in The Big Game, where a deal could be around $2k for the last seat if the turnout is strong.

In short, I wouldn't have cut a deal HU last night either. Congrats to TJ for the win and the increased TOC equity for the rest of us donks.

PLO8 tonight in the Riverchasers. No need to worry about my luckboxy ways, as I'll be enjoying a big steak and the best key lime pie outside of Florida instead. A definite win for me.

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