Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Food Idea

No doubt this has been done somewhere before.

Champagne-battered fish.

No idea if the wine flavour would survive or not. But it would be a change to beer-battered, but more flavourful than club soda-battered.


Unknown said...

Another random food idea:

Take chips. Preferably white corn but many chips will do. Spread them out on the plate. Coat each one with a thin layer of refried beans. Add seasoned meat on top. Pour on the shredded cheese. Microwave.

I call them "nachos."


Astin said...

An interesting concept Mr. Peaker. I may have to explore this idea. However, as I lack refried beans, fresh chips, or shredded cheese at the moment, I may have to specially request them at my local drinking establishment.

I hope they can accomodate me.

Might I suggest something? Perhaps salsa, sour cream, or even guacamole might be a nice addition to this concept.